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Wedding articles/Wedding Invitations - Tips for Picking Your Style 
Picking out the wedding invitations will be one of the most exciting things that you do for yourwedding. You will want them to look great as they proclaim your big day to friends and familyall over the world. When you pick your wedding invitations you want them to have a sense ofstyle that is unique to you and that reflects your personality and the theme of your wedding aswell. The following are some tips to help you pick the style of wedding invitations that best suitsyou and your wedding.

One of the first things that you should do when you are considering wedding invitations andmaking your final choice is to think about whether you are having a formal wedding or a moreinformal wedding. If you are having a formal black tie wedding, it will never do to send outinformal invitations. On the other hand, if you are having an informal wedding, formalinvitations may look overdone for what you are planning. Picking a formal style and formal paperfor your wedding invitations carries over the thought that you are having a formal wedding.Lighter styles and papers will give your guests the informal feel that you are trying to have atyour wedding.

Considering your personal style and the style of your wedding is also important when you arechoosing wedding invitations. If you have certain colors in mind for your wedding you may wantto use those colors on your wedding invitations. Perhaps you are having a wedding in whichgreen and purple are your colors. Carrying the green and purple over to your invitations is a greatway to give your guests a tiny peek at what your wedding may be like. While you do not have tomatch your invitations to your wedding colors, this does look classy. Otherwise you may justwant to pick wedding invitations in a favorite color or that has the look of your gown or someother aspect of the wedding.

You should also keep your wedding theme in mind when you are choosing your weddinginvitations. Whether you are having a beach wedding, a country wedding, a garden wedding, or abig church wedding, you should keep the theme in mind. Try to coordinate the theme and style ofyour wedding invitations to the theme that you are having of your wedding. You can choose fromvarious paper types and designs that are available and no doubt you will be able to findinvitations that go with your chosen theme.

Wedding invitations are important because they are announcing the day of your marriage. Youwant the invitations to look great and announce your wedding with style. Keeping in mind theformality of the wedding, the colors and style, and the theme of your wedding can all help youpick the perfect wedding invitations. Well designed invitations will impress your guests and be agreat way to invite them to one of the biggest events in your life.