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Wedding articles/Wedding Planning Checklist
Your wedding day will be here in 6 to 12 months! Now is the time to take care of the big items, such as determining your exact wedding date, securing the wedding reception location, shopping for your wedding dress and selecting your wedding invitations. Following is a suggested timetable for planning your wedding.

Select a wedding date and time. This may need to be done in conjunction with selecting and reserving the ceremony and reception sites. 
Decide how the wedding will be financed. If parents are helping to pay for it, find out how they want to deal with this. It may be helpful to do some research about wedding costs in your area before attempting to come up with a budget. 
Consider hiring a wedding coordinator. 
Make arrangements with the officiator. 
Select your wedding dress, veil, shoes and accessories. Allow time for alterations and fittings. 
Choose the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and honored roles. 
Decide on a florist, photographer, videographer, caterer and D.J. or entertainment and meet with them to discuss budgets and options. 
Discuss the guest list with fiancé and families. 
Contact a rental coordinator for equipment reservations. 
Discuss the honeymoon and reservations. Apply for passports, if needed. Make airline and hotel reservations for the honeymoon. 
Arrange for time off work, if necessary. 
Envision the theme and tone of your wedding - formal or casual, day or evening, religious or secular, etc. 
Make arrangements for music at your ceremony and reception. 
Select and order bridesmaids’ dresses, or arrange for a seamstress to make them. 
Start working on guest lists. Typically, there are four - the bride’s family’s list, the groom’s family’s list, the bride’s list and the groom’s list. Then finalize the wedding guest list. 
Shop for and order wedding invitations, calligraphy, announcements and thank you notes. 
Shop for and order wedding favors. 
Draw a time line for the wedding reception. Share and discuss the reception timeline all parties involved. 
Select and order your wedding cake. 
Contact your photographer to set up a time for the bridal portrait. 
Look into wedding insurance and decide if it’s a good option for you. 
Order your wedding rings. 
Use this checklist as a guideline for planning your wedding. Obviously, the timing depends on your personal priorities and what you feel needs to be accomplished.