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Wedding articles/How to Pick a Wedding Dress Style

One of the most important things for every bride on her wedding day is how she looks in her wedding dress. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, you must pick the right wedding dresses style. From the type of skirt to the design of the top, you must find the style that best compliments your features and your body type. Here are some tips for picking the perfect wedding dress style.

Things You’ll Need:
Bridal magazines 
A good friend 
Step1Browse through bridal magazines to find styles you like and those that exemplify the styles that would compliment the wedding you are planning. Clip the pictures to take with you to the wedding dress shops. 
Step2Schedule an appointment to try on wedding dresses at a wedding dress shop that has a variety of dress styles in a variety of sizes that you can try on. 
Step3Go to your wedding dress shop appointment with a good friend and a camera. 
Step4Show your magazine clippings to the wedding dress shop consultant so she knows what you are looking for. 
Step5Ask the wedding dress shop consultant to pull dresses for you to try on that are similar to the magazine clipping dresses and a few that exemplify other styles that she thinks would compliment your body type. 
Step6Try on many wedding dresses in as many different styles as possible, even if you think they are not what you want. Try on dresses with different skirt styles and top styles to get a feeling of what looks and feels best on you. 
Step7Ask your friend’s opinion of every dress and note the pros and cons of each style. Have your friend take a picture of you in each dress for reference when you leave the dress shop. 
Step8Pick the wedding dress style that you looked the best in. 
Step9Visit at least two more dress shops and ask to see dresses of a similar style before selecting your final wedding dress.