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Wedding articles/How to Choose the Right Evening Gown for a Beauty Pageant

Your pageant evening gown should fit properly in regards to size and style. Keep in mind that trendy dresses may not be your best option. It is more important for the judges to remember you and not your clothes.

Things You’ll Need:
Evening gown 
Pair of cocktail earrings 
Miss Florida Latina US 2007, evening gown competition.
Your evening gown for a beauty pageant should be of a style and color appropriate for you and for the pageant. If you are a teen avoid slinky fitted beaded gowns. By the same token, avoid ruffles and bows if you are a Miss. It doesn’t matter the price of your gown, is the overall impression of you in it that counts. 
Stephanie Gilbert, Miss Teen Florida Latina US 2007.
The style should flatter your figure and be in good taste. The neckline should compliment the shape of your face. Stay away from plunging necklines, excessive cleavage, backless or very low cut gowns. Every formal evening gown must be floor length and professionally tailored in order to avoid wrinkles or puckers as you walk on stage. 
Step3 The shoes for your gown can be clear or the same color as the bottom of the pageant gown. Choose a classic pump or nice sandals and avoid clunky shoes. The height of the heel should be at least 3 inches. 
Step4 Jewelry should enhance your look and not over power it. Include rhinestone or crystal earrings that match the gown and which are longer than the earrings used for the swimsuit. Any other type of jewelry pulls the judges’ attention off your face