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Wedding articles/How to Find a Designer Prom Dress
Your prom is a special night you will remember all your life. Every young woman wants to look fabulous on their prom night and wearing the right designer prom dress is sure to have you turning heads. Here is a guide to help you find a designer prom dress of your dreams.
Things You’ll Need:
Fashion magazines 
Step1Do your research. Consider the task of finding a designer prom dress like an important homework assignment (only much more fun). It pays to do your research first and find out what designer prom dresses are in style this season. Buy style magazines and search the internet to see what designers and styles are hot. 
Step2Keep your figure in mind. When searching for designers and designer prom dresses keep your body type in mind. You want a designer prom dress that will flatter your good features and camouflage any problem areas you may have. 
Step3Find a designer you like. You may find a few designers that catch your eye or fall in love with one particular designer’s dresses. Either way, write down the designers you like and keep this list for your designer prom dress shopping. This will help you save time when you go to try on dresses as you can ask for designers by name that you already know you like. 
Step4Find your dresses. If you plan on shopping in stores for your designer prom dress it will save you time to find out which stores carry the designers you like. Call ahead of time and ask which designer dresses each store stocks. If they don’t stock any that were on your list you can skip them or put them at the bottom of the list if you still haven’t found your perfect dress. 
Step5Go shopping. Once you narrow down which stores carry the designer prom dresses you want go and try them on. There’s no substitute for being able to see yourself in the dress before you buy so try on many dresses until you find the perfect one. 
Step6Shop online. If you can’t get to a store that stocks designer prom dresses there’s always the internet. With online stores that offer an array of prom dresses you’re sure to find a dress that you love. Just be sure you know exactly what size and color you want so you can order a flattering dress.