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Wedding articles/How to Choose Your Wedding Dresses
Most women consider their wedding gowns the most important dress they will ever own. With all the styles available it can be a difficult choice. There are some important aspects to take into consideration when choosing your wedding dress
Things You’ll Need:
Bridal Magazines 
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Step1 Decide what is most important to you: Do you want to look as beautiful as possible or do you want to wear the wedding dress that you've been dreaming about all of your life even if it does not flatter your body type? This decision is easy for those women who are tall and thin or average size. Almost any style will look great on them. If you happen to be undersized or over-sized, certain dresses will look better on you than others and will detract from the areas that you want to conceal while emphasizing your good features. 
Step2Look through several bridal magazines to see what the current styles are and if they would be right for you. If you see something that really catches your eye, save the picture to take with you when visiting bridal shops. 
Step3 Go to a few bridal shops and try on dresses. It's important to take some people with you. They can give you their opinions on how you look in the gowns. Usually you would go with your mother, sisters, and maid of honor. They will give you an honest opinion and greatly help in your decision making. Don't buy a gown on the first visit. Sometimes sales people try to push you into purchasing a certain gown by telling you that it might be gone the next day. Don't be pressured. Don't worry if the gown you want isn't at one shop, it will be at the next one. Take your time and you'll make better choices. 
Step4Don't discount the discounts! You may think the best gown is the most expensive one but that isn't always true. There are certain bridal shops that have huge sales, selling gowns for as low as $99. Some of these gown are as beautiful as the more expensive ones. At least look through them. You may find the dress of your dreams. 
Step5 Find a neighborhood seamstress and ask if she can make a wedding gowns. Go through bridal magazines with her and point out the features that you love most on certain dresses. An experienced dressmaker will have no problem taking the neckline from one, the sleeves from another, and the bodice from a third, to put together your unique design.