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For real

Fashion’s gone wild (again). So it is with Prada’s flower-heeled Mary Jane leather sandals with 3?-inch heel and $750 price tag, below. 

“They’re so weird, so bizarre, so utterly ugly that they qualify as spring’s must-have pair of shoes,” writes Jill Hudson Neal, in the Washington Post. 

Adds Jennifer Gerson, associate editor at, in the Post: “These are shoes that will scare most people. They make you look like an evil woodland nymph. They’re shoes you can’t walk in, you can’t afford and that’ll make your feet look ugly. It’s insane!” 

So simple

Lands’ End calls it the “I didn’t 

hear the alarm” outfit. The dress-in-a-minute 

shirt dress is big news for spring, in sophisticated earth tones but brights and patterns, too. 

How to wear it? With a braided leather belt and sandals, of course. Or, for something different, wear it unbuttoned over a tank and cropped pants. 

This creates a look similar to a woman’s “duster” — a light, loose coat that acts as a top layer to really finish off an outfit. 

On the spot

Lands’ End also is playing up another trend for spring: giraffe prints. Brown and white is the color combo here, and the print shows up on swimwear, tunics and even beach towels. 

Others show them, too. Banana Republic’s brown-and-white giraffe-print halter dress, for one, comes with a matching sun hat. 

Here comes the flower girl 

When it comes to flower girl dresses, sophisticated is the new cute, Newsday reports. 

“ Poofy, tutu- like dresses bursting with tulle are out; simple silhouettes offering clean lines are in,” writes Sylvia E. King- Cohen. 

White and ivory remain the most popular colors, but designers also are using splashes of color this season. Earth tones — soft blush pinks, champagne, cocoas, light greens — are popular. So are lace tops, as well as dresses with colored embroidery, colored sashes, beading or a little sparkle. 

And finally …

“ Pants, worn with a heel — it’s dead- on sexy.” 

— Jasmine H. Chang, executive fashion editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, in Newsday 

Prada photo by Washington Post