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Wedding articles/Is A Flirt Prom Dress Right For You? 
A designer prom dress can make a girl feel very special; they're well made using the finest fabrics, the designs are gorgeous and they're unique. But, they can also be quite expensive. So, if you're thinking of buying a Flirt prom dress you should be absolutely sure that it's right for you.

When you buy a Flirt prom gown by Maggie Sottero you are buying from a well established and popular designer who's been designing exquisite prom gowns for many years. The company has received various awards such as five DEBI awards, eight Desert Rose awards, and two DIVA awards to name but a few. The awards vouch for the company's pedigree and high standing in the fashion world.

Some design houses specialize in one or two styles of gowns, but Flirt design prom dresses of all styles. This is a good thing if you're still unsure about what style you want but prefer to look for a dress from only one fashion house. The company's collection mostly includes full length skirts in various styles ranging from traditional tulle, pick up, mermaid and fishtail but there are a few short skirt designs to choose from.

The fabrics used are gorgeous and come in beautiful color combinations. The dresses mostly have minimal patterning rather than the more ostentatious designs that you might find on other fashion house gowns like the Jovani prom dress for example. If you love exciting and intricate patterns then you might be a little disappointed with the current collection, but if you're a girl who likes color over pattern, then you'll be more than happy with a Flirt prom dress.

While the company does make the full range of dress styles, the styling is more restrained than other fashion houses. It doesn?t mean they're bland, far from it; the gowns are characterized by an elegance that is enriched with design touches that give them a contemporary though classic look.

Prices start at around $250 up to over $400, depending on style, quantity and type of fabric used. You can't buy from the company directly but there are many authorized retailers, many of which can be found online. When buying online, or anywhere else, do make sure that the seller is an authorized retailer of the company. If not, you run the risk of getting little or no customer service should there be any problems with the dress.

Like most formal gowns, Flirt prom dresses run about one size smaller than normal clothing sizes, so bear this in mind when ordering a gown off the internet - or anywhere else where you haven't had the opportunity to have tried it on. Most online sites have a measuring guide; if you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to confidently order a gown that will fit you perfectly.

Maggie Sottero is a talented designer and there's no doubting that a Flirt prom dress will definitely give a girl a unique and beautiful gown, which will surely add to her sense of occasion and boost her confidence.